Monday, April 8, 2013

Sugar Hand Scrub (made with dawn's olay hand renewal)

Spring is finally making it's way here! And tonight was my monthly MOPS group meeting. For our craft I wanted to make something to go with it being Spring, so I had the ladies make a sugar hand scrub (perfect for those starting their gardens). Since we are limited on time at our meeting and have ladies with all different crafting ability I decided to go with the most simple recipe I could find. What could be more simple than a craft with only two ingredients? For the scrub you will only need sugar and dish soap. For the soap you need to use Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal. I tested making the scrub before the meeting with another soap because I really liked the smell (Palmolive Soft Touch). This looked and smelled great at first, but then after a few hours it started to separate. So stick with the hand renewal from Dawn. It does come in four scents in my grocery: Pomegranate Splash, Lavender Silk, Cool Springs, and Tropical Shea Butter. For our meeting I left out the Tropical scent since it is white and the scrub doesn't look as cute, but it did smell amazing! The scrubs turned out really great and the moms loved it! This would make a perfect gift if you added some ribbon and a label {sorry to spoil that for you mom, but this will probably be coming your way for mothers day}. It could also be the perfect baby shower favor- made with either pink or blue depending on the baby. Hope you all enjoy!

All you will need:
*Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal dish soap
*Pretty jar to store your scrub


Step One:
Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with sugar.

Step Two:
Add your soap to the rim of the jar.

Step Three:
Stir it up! Add more sugar or soap until you reach your desired thickness. {I think it works best when a little on the thick side}

Enjoy Your Scrub!!!!!


  1. Oh I love this soo simple yet classy!

    1. It really is! I have made this for a few family members and friends and they loved it. I of course had to share what was in it. They almost didn't believe me that it was so simple to make. If you put it in a cute jar, add a ribbon and homemade tag it makes the perfect gift!

  2. Hi, I made this scrub last night and I used the pomegranate dawn with olay. I woke up this moring and found it was separated. Should I use more sugar. If not I will just add on the instructions to mix, apply and scrub. I love it and my hands are so soft.

    1. Hi Julie, sorry it took me so long to reply. Are you sure you used the Dawn brand and the Olay hand renewal type of Dawn? I have never had it separate before. But I have tried to make this with another brand of soap that claimed to be similar, and it separated. I would say check your soap and try again. Best of luck!

  3. Love this idea! Thinking of making it for baby shower favors. Need about 50 jars....where would you suggest to purchase them at a decent price? Any suggestions welcome! I'm not a crafty person!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This would be a fantastic baby shower favor!! And trust me there is no need to be a crafty person here! A lot of people I know are having gender reveal parties. It would work for that as well if you make some with the blue soap and some with the pink. I suggest using baby food jars if you could find them. Maybe you could ask friends on Facebook or even look on Craigslist. Sometimes I see people giving them away. If that does not work you could buy the very small Ball canning jars. They are about 4 oz I believe and usually run about $9-$12 in my area for a dozen.

  4. I made this last night . 100% positive I used pink dawn with hand renewal. It looked, smelled and worked great but as it set over night it seperated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe too much of one of the ingredients?



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